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"Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God:
because many false prophets are gone out into the world."
1 John 4:1

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Does Ellen White Pass the 7 Biblical Tests of a Prophet?

 The Significance of Ellen White's Head Injury
by Molleurus Couperus, M.D.

Evidence that Sister White suffered an injury to the temporal lobe. This same injury in other individuals has caused them to experience visual and auditory hallucinations.
The Arrest and Trial of Israel Dammon by Bruce Weaver
In 1986, Andrews' Seminary student Bruce Weaver discovered a surprising transcript of the trial of Ellen White's friend, Israel Dammon.
The Great Controversy Examined

It has been extolled as God's final message to the world, the product of "visions from God." Sound too good to be true? You're right, it is. The time has come to expose the truth about the Great Controversy.

Article Collections

- Were her I was shown" statements copied?
- Did she copy fiction into her books?
- How much did she copy?
- Who helped write her books?
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Visions Examined
- Eyewitness accounts
- Did she loft a heavy Bible?
- Did she make accurate Civil War predictions?
- Did her head injury trigger hallucinations?
- More...>

- Did she receive the Great Controversy by vision?
- Only a 3rd-grade education?
- Wrote Steps to Christ?
- Was she really ahead of science?

Shocking Quotes
- What is the amalgamation of man and beast?
- Are there tall people on Jupiter?
- Will solitary vice cause blindness / insanity?
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Ellen White versus the Bible
- Did Mrs. White contradict the Bible?
- Is Mrs. White the Spirit of Prophecy?
- Do we need her guidance for the last days?
- More...>

- Why are her reforms similar to Dr. Jackson's?
- Has modern science proven Mrs. White wrong?
- Did she suffer from temporal lobe epilepsy?

- When did the sealing start?
- When was the plan of redemption formulated?
- Why is it wrong to be right?
- Where is Jesus?
- Will slavery be revived in USA?
- More...>

The Shut Door
- What is the shut door?
- Did Mrs. White teach it from her visions?
- Were those visions later deleted
- Why did church leaders later deny it?
- More...>

1844 Movement
- Was it God's movement?
- Did it fulfill Bible prophecy?
- What is the truth about Daniel 8:14?
- What is the truth about the 2300 Days?
- What is the truth about the Sanctuary?
- Is there an Investigative Judgment?
- More...>

- Why did Mrs. White eat meat most of her life?
- Why did she wear jewelry?
- More...>

Pioneer Letters
- Uriah Smith
- A.T. Jones
- J.H. Kellogg
- More...>


- The Life of Mrs. E.G. White (D.M. Canright)
- The White Lie (Walter Rea)
- The Visions Not of God (Snook)
- Beware This Cult (Dr. Hunt)
- National Sunday Law (Anderson)
- EGW - The Myth (Kaspersen)

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- Your Questions Answered Answers to tough questions about Ellen White

- Audio (NEW!) Listen to audio presentations on Ellen White

- I'm Hurting! I Need Help! Do you feel trapped in a false religion? Do you need someone to talk to?

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- Famous Quotes Quotes from thought leaders

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Electrical Currents in Nerves
By Dirk Anderson

The Avondale Furrow Tale
By Dirk Anderson

Did Ellen White copy her first vision?
By Dale Ratzlaff

Critique of the recent Adult Sabbath School Lesson,
The Gospel, 1844, and the Judgment
By Dr. Desmond Ford

Bible Quiz! Get the answers right and win a free book!
By Dale Ratzlaff

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Dirk Anderson
photo copyright 2006, ellenwhiteexposed.com
If All Else Fails? Bash the Critics

A Christmas Story

Resolution on the Spirit of Prophecy

Walter Rea
photo copyright 2006, ellenwhiteexposed.com
25 Years Later 

Who Lied? Me or Them?


Skip Baker

  How Yarns are Spun

Personal Testimonies

Elder Gilbert Cranmer (1863) "Mrs. White had seen in vision that the day of salvation for sinners was past, and those that fully believed in her visions as coming from God, also accepted that doctrine."

Chaplain David DePinho (2001) "Some of you reading this are saying, 'I don’t need Ellen White to support my beliefs, I believe, teach and support everything from the Bible!' But hold it right there for a moment. I am about to PROVE that that is impossible."

Cherie Stark (2005) "I was terrified! I knew well what SDA doctrine taught. And it wasn’t what I was finding in the Bible."

More Testimonies...> (Mar. 2007) "The system of Adventist beliefs is so complicated. The jailer of Philippi was converted and baptized in one night, but to become an Adventist takes the equivalent of a college course."

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SDA Church Strong-Arms Web Sites
SDA corporation taking legal aim at anti-SDA web sites

SDA Church's Legal Action Against Dissidents  
"The Ellen G. White Estate and the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists have stepped up their campaign of harassment..."

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